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Help, FAQs and Terms and Conditions for JagXCHANGE
What is JagEXCHANGE?
What is JagEXCHANGE used for?
Do I neeed to Register to use JagXCHANGE?
Are any adverts that are not allowed?
What happens if I have a problem with an advertiser?
What does Jag-lovers do with the information I provide, especially my e-mail address?
Does JagXCHANGE use Cookies?
Can I add HTML code to my adverts?
What are the pictures at the top of the pages?
Where are Jag-lovers based?

What is JagXCHANGE?
Jag-Lovers are a group of people from all over the world who have one interest in common: Jaguar cars. We have run two very successful Free 'exchanges' for many years the UPE (Jaguar/Daimler Used Parts Exchange) and the JCE (Jaguar Collectibles Exchange). However the software we used become outdated and this is the new custom written replacement, provided courtesy of JagWEB. Any use of these facilities is subject to JagWEB's conditions for use of JagAds.Com, to agreement of the specific conditions below and also to Jag-lovers general Rules
What is JagXCHANGE used for?
You are welcome to use this facility to create free categorised adverts related only to your personal non-commercial involvement in Jaguar cars and related activities. Any misuse of the facility (see below) will result in prompt exclusion from all our facilities. Your use is limited to a maximum of three different active adverts at any one time. Free adverts have a life of a fixed number of days - at some point past the end of this period they will expire and be removed although you can remove them if you wish at any time prior to expiry. You cannot edit adverts - to change an advert, please delete it and resubmit the revised version.
Do I neeed to Register to use JagXCHANGE?
While you are free to read and reply to the posted adverts, you must register to post your own adverts. Registration is simple and some entries are optional. However, you MUST provide us with a valid e-mail address (so we can send you a password), your First and Last names and your location (Country/City) as a minimum. You can optionally provide a NickName to replace your own name if you wish. Once registered and we have your profile, you can edit your personal profile at any time once logged in. We also require that you agree to our standard Conditions that you will be referred to during Registration. Duplicated registrations for the purposes of increasing free advert exposure are not permitted and will result in a no-warning barring from Jag-lovers. You must also declare that you are not a trader and that you will not post commercial adverts in this free section (Jagweb offers a paid facility for such adverts).

Note: if you were registered previously with the original Jaguar/Daimler Used Parts Exchange, you cannot use that data here and need to register with us again (link at top of this page).
Are there any Adverts that are not allowed?
Yes. You must not post or attempt to post commercial adverts (i.e adverts from or related to any form of commercial Trading or about a Trader or your activities (if any) as a Trader). Nor do we accept links to eBay auctions nor to free adverts that link to photos in our various Albums - you MUST use JagAds.Com for such adverts. If you attempt to post such adverts, you will be barred from our site. If you are unsure whether your advert is commercial, please contact JagWEB using the link at the bottom of the page for advice. Adverts submitted and originating from known or believed commercially-related users or e-mail addresses or from duplicated registrations will result in user barring. All decisions on our part are final and not open to any further discussion.

If you need pictures in your advert, JagWEB's JagAds.Com offers a low cost way of placing your advert to include (up to 5) images. You must not use the free Jag-lovers Photo Album to post pictures for use with or referenced by free adverts - if you do, both your Album entry and your advert will be deleted.
What happens if I have a problem with an advertiser?
IMPORTANT! This is currently a free facility and we allow anyone to post free adverts without any vetting of the validity, ownership, title, right to sell or accuracy etc. of their advertisement content.

Consequently, all trading is entirely at your own risk and Jag-lovers/JagWEB/JagAds.Com and its administrators can accept no responsibility for any disagreement, dispute, failure to supply, financial losses or any problems whatsoever that may result from responding to advertisements placed on this exchange. Jag-lovers is unable to and will not intervene in any manner whatsoever to resolve any disputes between free advertisers and buyers. Please do not post items or reply to posts on this exchange if you are unwilling to resolve possible disputes yourself. It is up to you to satisfy yourself as to the genuineness, condition and fitness for purpose of any item or items advertised, and you would be well advised to do so before completing the transaction. Any use of this exchange implies absolute acceptance of these conditions without exception.
What does Jag-lovers do with the information I provide, especially my e-mail address?
Jag-lovers will not use your e-mail address or data for any purposes other than internal to the organisation. Jag-lovers is a non-profit making voluntary organisation dedicated to helping the true Jaguar enthusiast. We do not pass your information on to anyone outside the group unless required to do so for legal reasons. We may mail you from time to time on matters connected with this Exchange that we feel are of importance to you
Does JagXCHANGE use Cookies?
Yes - we keep track of your preferences in this and other Jag-lovers facilities via Cookies. If you disable cookies, you'll find many of our services that require Registration very difficult to use - and in some cases impossible
Can I add HTML code to my adverts?
Simply answered - No. There are a number of reasons why we do not permit this, mostly related to site security. We will strip all added tags (or groups of characters within any tag format) in an advertisement You can however add links to off site pages and images in the usual http://[address] format
What are the pictures at the top of the pages?
These are random Jaguar related images taken mainly from our Photo Album facility. They are general and not related to the adverts you are viewing
Where are Jag-lovers based?
Our servers are based in Europe at the premises of Bitcon (Bergen IT Consult AS) in Bergen, Norway. We therefore observe European protocols on all posted content
Any use of this site implies absolute acceptance of our Terms and Conditions. Read these and our FAQs to familiarise yourself with requirements before using the site. Attempting to place a Commercial advert on JagXCHANGE can get you instantly banned from Jag-lovers - please use JagAds.Com for these
Please note adverts can take several hours to appear after creation

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